Top 5 best fitness centres in Dubai

Since Dubai is the city for everyone, you should not hesitate to buy villa in Dubai and get the best of this exhilarating city. If you are new in Dubai and already getting tired of the city’s undying hustle-bustle, you need to get your mind refreshed and limbs energised by hitting the gym.

Whether you are a fitness freak or somebody who almost has a fitness phobia, in Dubai, you would always find the gym best suited for your needs.

In this blog we would let you explore the city high and low of Dubai, so you can uncover the best workout spots here, and get yourself whipped into a shape that you think you can only dream of.

  1. Embody Fitness

Embody fitness originally hails from London and boasts a long client list of numerous celebrities, professional athletes and influencers. This is hardly surprising since Embody fitness offers the best PT sessions in the city.

Moreover, the ambience of this gym is so shockingly pretty that one cannot help comparing it with a five-star hotel. This fitness centre brings you the tailor-made PT workouts, your nutrition and even the sports therapies along with impressive changing rooms. The shower facilities of this fitness centre are so exquisite that it can shy even the fanciest spa.

Once you get yourself registered at Embody fitness, you would first be subjected to a comprehensive body consultation, which would cover everything from your mobility level to sleeping patterns. After this is done, you would be handed a 12-week program, especially made for you.

  1. The Gym

If you are someone who has a penchant for mega-luxurious gyms, The Gym is the perfect paradise for you. The Gym is the gym that is so pretty that for a moment you would find it hard to believe that you have come here to shed some sweat.

This fitness centre is adorned with plush velvet sofas, gold-tiled showers and black and white prints.  Furthermore, this gym allows you to work out all the while enjoying a gorgeous panorama of Burj khalifa.

Besides, the aesthetics, this is also a gym that takes fitness and health very seriously. With top-notch facilities and state of the art equipment, the atmosphere of The Gym would make you want to move your muscles.

If you happen to be an individual for whom working out feels like a hell, The Gym would make the workout a  fun activity to you by letting you watch  Netflix while you are running on a treadmill!

The Gym also has a cool and cosy space called The muscle bar, which serves shakes post-work-out and healthy lunches.

  1. Fit Republic

This fitness centre cannot be more fit for fitness lovers!

Fit Republic has an Olympic-sized pool,  12 weightlifting stations, gymnastics, barre, martial arts, pilates, outdoor running track, a zen space for yoga and much more!

Furthermore, Fit Republic has a cafe and kitchen that completely shun the use of poisonous preservatives and harmful additives. Rather, the cafe of this gym focuses on providing the customers with more wholesome foods that can simultaneously fill you up and keep you in shape.

This is a perfect gym for fitness fanatics who can easily get bored doing the one thing over and over again because if you spend a whole day at the Fit Republic you would still barely be scratching the surface here.

  1. TribeFit

TribeFit the name suggests it all!

This fitness centre is designed for people who prefer to do group activities to keep themselves motivated. Here, an individual is encouraged to move their muscles and make connections as well. There is even a live DJ in this gym to provide the best beats while you workout and make some new friends!


TribeFit also hosts many social events like camping trips, coffee mornings and movie nights. The idea behind this fitness centre is to connect with the people on the same fitness journey, so everyone could encourage each other in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Warehouse Gym

Warehouse Gym is a go-to fitness centre for absolute fitness lovers. It is famous among the residents for its CrossFit classes, boxing workouts, weightlifting stations and spinning classes.

The additional neon light, graffiti in the atmosphere and different wall art help to charge the already energized atmosphere.

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