Caffeine shampoo: nothing special

Look around on the internet and you’ll be sure to find plenty of men singing the praises of caffeine shampoo, insisting it’s been the magical cure to their male pattern baldness.

The thing about reviews sites is that they don’t come with proof of veracity. Many times, they’re fake; fabricated reviews posted by representatives of the manufacturers to promote their products, and no one is keeping watch on who’s telling lies or the truth. Others aren’t true representations of factual outcomes. If a man looks in the mirror and sees a miserable hairline one day and after using a caffeine shampoo for a month or so, looks in the mirror again and sees thicker hair, would you call that scientific proof?

More often, perceived results are the result of the placebo effect. People often feel better because they’re doing something … anything. And if the outcome is that they feel better, then that must be a good thing in itself. That said, if they want 100 per cent, irrefutable facts such as a hair count per square inch, then they may just be disappointed.

No clinically viable evidence currently exists to prove that caffeine shampoos work. In the UK, only two treatments have been clinically proven to grow hair back. They are Finasteride (a prescription pill) and Minoxidil (available as a lotion or foam that you apply to your scalp).

Don’t go investing in coffee stocks… counting on a caffeinated miracle cure for your baldness! Save your pennies and buy your daily cappuccino so you can enjoy drinking your caffeine the way nature intended. You never know, that coffee could actually go to your head.

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Caffeine shampoo for hair loss